How To Present Code

Published: Sun Jul 10 2022

What’s the best way to share code in a presentation? I have found a few different ways to deal with it. I’m leaning toward less live demo and more explanation on screen.

The ✨Demo✨

Live coding appears to be chic. It’s the thrill of not knowing if things will work that causes both the presenter and the audience to like this method of sharing code ideas.


That’s not good. Presenting is already enough of an adrenaline junkie sport it doesn’t need the risk of demos hanging over your head.

Live coding has a place, and I believe that place is in workshops. You are bringing the audience with you to a common goal, this is the right time to slow down and use an editor alongside them.

Code Walkthroughs

There are a few issues in my experience walking through code.


It can be very difficult to maintain interest as I drone on and on about functions. The code blurring together. It’s too much.

Second, those who are interested in the code can become distracted trying to figure out what everything is doing. When you step into a full file, you are often sharing too much.

Code, On Slides?

What if we put the code in the slide?


It looks like you are typing. If it is too much of a gimmick, then take it out. It also lets you put the code somewhere that feels familiar while controlling the context.

Once you have your code explained, head over to a pre-made demo. Cooking shows know how to do this. They show you how to make something, and then I’ll pull an already baked one out of the oven.