How To Present Code

Sun Jul 10 2022

Talks are hard, sharing code should be easier
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Zero Knowledge

Sun Jan 23 2022

A Valentine Story about zero knowledge proofs
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Why Web3

Fri Jan 07 2022

Let's take a look at why I think Web3 is important.
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Tags: Web3

Solana On An M1 Mac

Wed Nov 10 2021

How do you run Solana on a M1 Mac? I'm going through the buildspace solana project and need to get my M1 Mac to run anchor. Here's how I did it.
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Sun Oct 31 2021

What is Polygon?
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Connecting To The Blockchain With Svelte

Thu Oct 07 2021

SvelteKit and Ethers.js make Web3 easy!
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Solidity Contract Optimization

Thu Oct 07 2021

Story time about understanding… Or how DYOR helped me learn more.
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What is Polygon?

Thu Oct 07 2021

Gas Prices Are Too Damn High! Or pseudo L2 solution
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Environment Setup - Hardhat on Rinkeby

Wed Sep 29 2021

Setting up my web3 development environment
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Static Woes

Sun May 30 2021

Quick fix to static woes
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Tags: SveteKit

RSS Made Really Simple

Sat May 29 2021

Party Like it’s 1999
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Moving To Svelte Kit

Fri May 21 2021

It’s may seem intimidating but it’s pretty easy
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Create your own C function

Tue May 18 2021

Convert a string into a 32-bit signed integer with TypeScript
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Daily Deploys

Mon May 17 2021

How to build and deploy a Sapper every day
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Web3 With Solidity And Svelte

Sun May 16 2021

Creating A Contract In Solidity & A Svelte Front End
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Thoughts on Site Generation

Wed May 12 2021

CSR vs SSR vs SSG demystifying the WTF
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TypeScript Undefined

Tue May 11 2021

Dealing with the undefined possibilities in TypeScript
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Basic Blog with Svelte Kit

Fri Apr 16 2021

Svelte Kit for thoughts, it doesn’t have style…yet
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Social Images - AKA Thanks Jason!

Mon Apr 12 2021

My twitter feed will never be the same
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Typing Typescript Types

Fri Apr 09 2021

Types are tricky, if you don't know them.
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SSH the painless and more secure way in OS X

Tue Feb 09 2021

SSH on a new mac is annoying. I want security and laziness! What do I do?
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Tags: ssh OS X

Netlify FUNctions

Mon Feb 08 2021

Use Netlify to make things easy when you need functions
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Adding all the meta data

Thu Jan 21 2021

Take a look at making svelte markdown posts a bit more SEO friendly
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Let’s Try GitHub Actions

Mon Jan 18 2021

GitHub actions seem powerful. How do you use them?
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Using Deno For The First Time

Sun Jan 17 2021

I finished a Deno tutorial and now I want to build something!
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To Tailwind Or Not

Thu Dec 31 2020

The seemingly endless debate, should I use Tailwind CSS or not?!
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Bare Bones Sapper + Markdown Blog

Wed Dec 30 2020

Basic blog setup using sapper and markdown
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Hello World

Tue Dec 29 2020

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